This website is being retired...but please visit the other one :)

Dear friends, 

With the new year, I will be retiring this website. This is only to consolidate and conserve my energies. Please visit to view the latest art therapy events, posts, and my artwork. 

This site had served as my "art therapy" site, while the other one was to be used as my "art" site. In reality, I found the two activities blended together anyway and updating both sites was too taxing. So I will stop using this site and work to keep the other one updated. You can also visit my facebook page

Thanks - and happy holidays and happy New Year!


New Workshop: Nurturing Creativity

Join us for this new workshop. You will be "enlightened."

Nurturing Creativity

An art therapist talks about creativity, 
happiness, and this thing called "flow."
And then we play...
even though we are adults.

This mini workshop includes a short education presentation followed by guided "creative play." Participants will de-stress, gain self-awareness and the permission to "lighten up" - all of which is necessary to reach one's full creative potential. 

Every single person alive needs this workshop!

I will be hosting this workshop in my studio on Saturday, November 26th from 10am-noon. Cost is only $25 and must be pre-paid. Sign up using major credit card by clicking on the link to the right or call me with credit card info. 

Corporations, businesses, clubs, and organizations can book this workshop now for the coming months. 

Contact me through Google Voice Message: 312-834-3301 or email me at

Art Exhibit at Itasca Community Library

I have some paintings up at the Itasca Community Library art gallery. I am so grateful to the staff for their encouragement and assistance. The show will be up until the end of the year. 
Also I will be doing a program at the Itasca library on November 1st entitled "Mandalas: The Art of Peace." Join us! Contact the library to register.